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Sage 100 Integrated Payment Processing and Document Management

Sage 100 payments feature

REPAY and DSD help enhance Sage 100 credit card processing with automation and effortless document management

Sage 100 customers now have a simple and secure way to integrate payment processing and document management. Our team developed REPAY ClickToPay for Sage 100 companies who want to offer flexibility in online payments with eInvoicing functionality.  Even better, REPAY ClickToPay works seamlessly with DSD InstaDocs for document management.  

Sage 100 REPAY ClickToPay helps reduce complexity, increases cash-flow, streamlines payment processing, and exceed your customer expectations. InstaDocs by DSD Business Systems is a document management solution embedded within Sage 100 that enables users to store electronic documents directly from within Sage 100 for easy access and viewing. Sage 100 customers can then automate the collection process by utilizing REPAY ClickToPay from REPAY Payments and InstaDocs from DSD for a seamless, integrated solution. Stop wasting time with manual based payment collection and get paid faster.

Easy Payments with REPAY ClickToPay + DSD InstaDocs

Easy Payments with REPAY ClickToPay + DSD InstaDocs provides Sage 100 customers the first and only embedded document management solution that also integrates with REPAY ClickToPay. By leveraging the capabilities of these solutions with the Sage 100 paperless office, your system can automatically email the customer a copy of their invoice, plus all the associated documents stored in InstaDocs. The customer receives the email, each attachment, and a link to the REPAY ClickToPay invoice portal to quickly pay with ease. The payment will come right back into Sage 100 preventing an AR clerk from having to make a cash receipts entry or call the customer to get payment.

Download the Sage 100 Enhancement Datasheet for REPAY Payments and DSD InstaDocs

8 Benefits of REPAY with REPAY ClickToPay in Sage 100

  1. Expand your market by offering convenient payment term options.

  2. Credit card numbers are safely stored in the REPAY Vault and not locally.

  3. Customers can add new credit cards or use previously saved credit cards.

  4. You can set up payment methods for credit cards, ACH, or Bank to Bank transfers.

  5. Your customer simply clicks a button on the invoice or sales order to pay immediately.

  6. Your customers appreciate the convenience and the receipt confirmation.

  7. You improve your cash flow when you start to get paid faster.

  8. Your business saves time and money when you reduce the need to follow up with customers on delayed payments.

  9. Get your accounts receivable back on track by offering flexible payment plans to delinquent accounts.

  10. Reduce risk of employee fraud by preventing staff from ever touching or seeing card numbers.

  11. Seamlessly integrate with Sage 100 enhancements such as DSD InstaDocs for extended functionality.

REPAY ClickToPay is natively built to seamlessly work within Sage 100.  You simply email your customer a copy of the Sage 100 invoice with the option to pay by ACH or credit card.  Then, your customer opens the email and selects which payment method they would like to use. REPAY ClickToPay allows your customer to create a profile and securely save their card or bank account information tokenized on file for future payments, eliminating the risk of storing that data incorrectly outside of REPAY ClickToPay.  Now, you can automate this billing process securely with each individual customer’s billing schedule.  REPAY ClickToPay is just one of the many features of REPAY Payments credit card processing for Sage 100.  

Work seamlessly within the business systems you already use to avoid manual entry and reduce error with an integrated payment processing solution.

REPAY Payments features:

  • Tokenized credit card data simplifies PCI Compliance

  • Daily, automatic batch reporting

  • Level 3 Processing

  • Multi-currency capable

  • ClickToPay integrated invoice portal

  • ACH and ClickToPay Direct

  • No installation, maintenance, or setup fees

  • 24/7 live support

InstaDoc from DSD Business Systems:

  • First and only embedded document management solution designed for Sage 100 ERP

  • Easy access to store, view, access, search, and share important documents

  • Document keyword tagging to simplify search options

  • Paperless office integration

  • Specific user security privileges defined and applied for each module.

REPAY Payments with REPAY ClickToPay and DSD InstaDocs help save you time creating invoices and processing credit cards.  Get paid faster, increase cash flow, reduce credit card processing fees, and exceed customer expectations!

Contact REPAY Payments today for a free merchant statement review!  

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