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AccountMate ClickToPay Now Available & REPAY Awarded Channel Recognition

REPAY is proud to announce that AccountMate recently recognized us as Outstanding Vertical Solution Partner of the Year for 2022.

At REPAY, we strive to provide fast, frictionless and fully integrated digital payment solutions for AccountMate users. We are committed to leveraging technologies and providing solutions that streamline payments while providing industry leading support to keep your business running smoothly.

When an integrated partner recognizes REPAY’s delivery on that commitment, it’s truly an honor.

While announcing the award, Tommy Tan, CTO at AccountMate, commented:

“REPAY has been an exemplary Vertical Partner this past year. From a revenue standpoint as well as a technology partner, they have been responsive and quick to work with us in marketing as well as development. Their fine efforts to work with us to get the ClickToPay integration completed was a prime example of the interest and follow-through we received last year.”

 “Although this award is not based on revenue, we feel that in the future REPAY may become a leader in terms of VSP royalty revenues that AccountMate and our Solution Providers receive,” said Donna DeRosa, Vice President of Operations at AccountMate.

Both REPAY, alongside our strategic partner AccountMate, are bringing more value and innovative solutions to customers through a comprehensive payments platform.

REPAY and AccountMate teams are happy to announce the advent of AccountMate ClickToPay for business partners and customers.

AccountMate ClickToPay lets customers drive payments on their own time through a secure online payment portal. This is the first time that AccountMate users can allow their customers to pay on their own time entering their own payment details. It helps contribute to a better customer experience, reducing wait times to pay and granting full visibility into open payments, past due invoices, and history.

AccountMate ClickToPay allows businesses to build a better customer experience and make payment and reconciliation easier and faster for your customers. Learn more in this short demonstration.

Why AccountMate Recognized REPAY as an Award-winning Payment Solution

REPAY provides a fully integrated payment processing solution designed to work seamlessly with AccountMate. REPAY offers AccountMate customers a true comprehensive omni-channel B2C and B2B integrated payment solution that includes:

  • Level 3 processing that reduces processing fees
  • Tokenized credit card data which simplifies PCI compliance
  • Secure data protection via the REPAY Vault
  • Online payment portal
  • 24/7 live support

With powerful payment automation solutions, innovative ways to accept and make payments, REPAY provides solutions that can streamline your payment processes and bring your business to the next level.

Discover How REPAY Can Streamline Your Payment Processes

Whether it’s streamlining payment processes, securing payment data, or providing solutions such as Level 3 B2B processing rates, the team at REPAY is always looking for innovative ways to simplify payments for businesses like yours.

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