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AutoAction Streamlines Workflows and Improves Collections with REPAY

Since 1999, AutoAction, a leading dealership management software (DMS) provider for independent Texas car dealers, has focused on providing robust technology solutions that solve dealers' daily challenges. From inventory acquisition to sales and finance, AutoAction helps streamline business operations and maintain compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. 

Addressing Dealers' Day-to-Day Challenges in a Virtual World

Between constantly evolving customer demands for anywhere, anytime digital payment options and changing market dynamics, AutoAction sought to reduce the effort required to collect payments.

"We recognized there was a need for our dealers to reduce the large number of tasks required to collect and process payments," commented Ramzi Sabra, CEO & President, AutoAction. "We wanted to help them minimize data entry and avoid duplicative work as well as offer new secure one-time and recurring payment options that would enable faster, automated collections to improve their revenue and cash flow." 

With a reputation for its user-friendly DMS platform, AutoAction wanted a single provider with experience in the automotive lending and payments market that could easily integrate with its software. Having previously worked with REPAY on card and ACH processing, AutoAction chose to expand its partnership with REPAY to facilitate a new approach to omni-channel payments that would allow dealers to better meet customer expectations. 

Easy Integration into the Dealership Management System

REPAY enabled AutoAction to implement an integrated suite of new payment options that continues to impact and improve how dealers conduct and grow their businesses. This integration created a seamless and easy collection process and helped AutoAction update its dealer management software with the following solutions:

  • Credit card and debit card processing for customers to pay the way they prefer
  • New payment channels:
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or pay by phone, offers dealers’ customers the convenience of making payments via a 1-800 number anytime 
    • SMS Text-to-Pay lets dealers directly communicate with customers using payment reminders and allows customers to authorize and pay with a simple text
  • Online customer portal, a customized, hosted website for dealers to offer online payments
  • Mobile app that allows customers to pay on the go from anywhere

"As an independent DMS provider with proprietary software, it is vital to keep our integration partners to a select, well-proven few," added Sabra. "We have an excellent relationship with REPAY, and through this latest implementation, we are now able to offer our dealers even greater convenience and optimization with enhanced payments technology, seamlessly integrated into their workflows."

Dealers Speed Up Collections with Omni-Channel Payments

Since expanding the partnership, AutoAction has rolled out its latest upgrade — integrated with the REPAY credit and debit card processing and new omni-channel payment solutions — to over 700 dealers. They've received positive feedback from dealers who have launched the new payment channels. According to the AutoAction team, the integrated solutions implementation process took less than a week and only minutes to synchronize between AutoAction and REPAY once the solutions were live.

"The REPAY solutions give both AutoAction and our dealers a competitive edge. We're able to improve our customer support capabilities and dealer satisfaction by making their customers happier with more payment options and the dealers' jobs easier with simplified, secure, and automated collections," said Sabra.

Collections are a vital source of revenue for dealers. Now that REPAY and AutoAction have expanded their partnership, dealers can easily accept and charge payments with secure card data on file through Active Safe versus waiting for confirmation or rekeying the customer's credit or debit card information. In addition, the REPAY solutions ensure that any data stored and all payment types meet compliance and regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines  (National Automated Clearing House Association). 

Auditing and tracking payments are simplified with the ability to track payment schedules, enter and edit single or multiple payments, and provide an audit trail of each payment made. Additionally, because REPAY has relationships with multiple trusted banks, dealers are assured uninterrupted access to their funds for improved revenue and cash flow.

"We are excited to see how the rollout of the new REPAY payment channels will continue to shape and improve the way our dealers are able to conduct and grow their businesses. From the ease of implementation to the exceptional customer service and consistent product innovation, these are just a few of the reasons we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with REPAY," added Sabra.

With fully integrated payment technology designed specifically for the auto industry, REPAY helps dealerships and finance companies simplify debit and credit card, ACH and digital wallet processing. By offering customers additional payment methods, you can collect more payments, faster. Explore how our solutions can streamline payment processing, improve your company's cash flow and enhance the customer experience today.


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