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B2B Payments and Commerce for Distributors in a Digital First World

The B2B eCommerce space is in full swing with a fast and productive 2022 so far. The latest edition of Lunch Bites discusses how businesses can overcome limitations in B2B sales by leveraging integrated eCommerce solutions that help buyers in our new "socially distanced" world.  David Harper, Vice President of Sales for REPAY, is joined by Karthik Chidambaram, the founder and CEO of DCKAP, a trusted  REPAY partner. If anyone has insight into eCommerce resources and tools that can lead distributors to success, it is DCKAP. 

DCKAP is uniquely positioned to help brands, manufacturers, and distributors thrive online. They build, enhance, and manage enterprise eCommerce storefronts effectively for their clients. DCKAP powers digital commerce for clients across the globe with a suite of leading products, allowing businesses of every nature to unleash their full potential.

Consumer payment options have improved a lot in the B2C landscape.  This has caused B2B eCommerce customers to also want the ability to buy items at their fingertips on any device like they do in the B2C environment.  Partnerships like REPAY and DCKAP help accelerate B2B commerce for businesses and make this a reality.

Is there a one-size-fits-all payment strategy?

No! Building an omni-channel payment strategy is crucial to mimic the seamless experience of B2C payments in the B2B landscape.  In order to succeed in B2B Commerce today, businesses need to offer customers a smooth and secure checkout experience. Therefore, it is critical to ensure any omni-channel payment provider you select offers the highest level of security and encryption of sensitive information and meets PCI Compliance standards.  

Navigating the era of the ‘digital-first’ customer? 

Digital commerce is a game changer. B2B manufacturers and distributors have been proactive in digital commerce, especially during the pandemic. The process changes started happening over a year ago; however, process changes take time to settle in. Businesses cannot try a new technology or process every few months and then abandon it, as it's too expensive. Instead, most businesses embrace a continuous learning model of ‘try, learn, improve, then progress.’

How to create an all-digital experience? 

Consumers today have higher expectations for seamless digital experiences, and this is the demand that DCKAP has answered. This aligns with the market analyst Forrester, who tells us that ‘commerce anywhere’ is the mantra for brands now, as they prioritize relationships and enhance shopping experiences to keep customers coming back. This means pursuing a presence in every shopping moment, from an independent website to a paid advertisement. Consumers will see the world as all digital, with no divide. 

Companies will have to double down on offering effective and sustainable digital customer experiences. DCKAP partnering with REPAY unites eCommerce solutions to bring businesses the most adaptive and secure B2B experience.

DCKAP recently went through a rebrand that offers a more unified experience for B2B distributors. DCKAP used to have specific product names like Cloras, flexiPIM, vizB - these solutions now reflect a united approach and have been updated as follows:

  • Cloras is now DCKAP Integrator
  • flexiPIM is now DCKAP PIM 
  • vizB is now DCKAP Analytics

Watch this Lunch Bite with DCKAP to learn more about this rebrand and how REPAY and DCKAP partner together to advance B2B commerce.

REPAY is powering payments to empower our partners and customers. Our partner philosophy is simple: we are an extension of your business. When you partner with REPAY, you gain access to highly committed professionals who understand payments, value relationships, and prioritize your goals. 

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