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Buyer's Guide for Merchants Explains Omni-Channel Integrated Payments

REPAY has published a free Merchant’s Guide to Integrated Payment Processing to outline how payment processing works and help businesses select the best payments provider for their needs. With COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines in place, businesses have to adapt and innovate quickly - some more than others. In order to help maintain cash flow during this time, integrated and omni-channel payment solutions are no longer a nice to have, and instead have become a must have solution.  

Maybe you’re wondering how to reduce costs and improve cash flow while sales volume is low. Maybe you’re wondering how to process credit card payments in your ERP, eCommerce, or other software solutions your business already uses today. Maybe your small business needs to allow customers to pay online via ACH or credit card for the first time, or your customers are demanding omni-channel payment options. Maybe you are a software reseller, or VAR, and need to find ways to help your clients afford new remote work capabilities - and fast!

You’ll be surprised to learn all the ways integrated payments can help your business.

Your payment solution can impact:

  • Your customer satisfaction
  • Your cash flow
  • Your workflow efficiency
  • Your bottom line

How important is improving your cash flow during this time? Are you using an integrated online payment portal to streamline your invoice process? Could your business benefit from automated Level 3 savings for B2B transactions? Do you need to provide your clients multiple payment options?

Don't let limitations of your current payment solution or lack of understanding of how payment processing fees work hold you back from achieving the payment needs for your business.  Instead, educate yourself on the benefits of integrated payment processing in this credit card processing guide, which covers:

  1. Payment Processing Basics
    Learn what the difference is between a payment processor, merchant services provider, and an acquirer. Understand how the card reader at a point of sale connects to an acquiring bank. Understand the basics of processing a credit card. Get an in depth understanding of the Who’s Who of Payment Processing, as well as key terminology to know.  Understanding all this information will provide you with a solid foundation to comprehending the complex payments industry.  

  2. Fees, Pricing Models, and Level 3 Savings

    In this section, we deep dive into credit card pricing and processing fees, including a review about where the fees go:

    Buyers Guide - Who Gets Fees

    As well as determining the best pricing model for your business:

    Buyers Guide - Pricing Structure


    This section will also discuss the massive potential savings for B2B businesses when properly set up to receive Level 3 savings on B2B transactions.

  3. Payment Features and Functionality to Consider
    • Why seamlessly-integrated payments save you time and money
    • How omni-channel payments reduce duplicate entry and increase customer satisfaction
    • A review on PCI Compliance, quick tips for protecting payment data, and a link to our full Merchant’s Guide to PCI Compliance
    • Uptime versus downtime, and why this standard key item to consider when selecting a payments provider
  4. Selecting a Payments Provider
    • Key payment provider considerations, such as: 24/7 live customer support, all-in-one processors, and line-item detail on merchant statements
    • Key payment feature considerations, such as: tokenized credit card data, next-day funding, and multi-currency capabilities.

There is a lot to know when researching the best payments solution for your business. This free credit card processing buyer's guide can help you stay informed on the basics, features, and trends to secure the best possible payments solutions for your business.

REPAY has a team of payments experts standing by to educate you on integrated payment processing.  REPAY offers omni-channel B2C and B2B integrated payment solutions and is a gateway and processor that is trusted by thousands of merchants daily to process payments. With payment integrations to multiple leading business applications, REPAY is leading the way in the payments industry by providing omni-channel integrated payment solutions and 24/7/365 live customer support.

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