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Leveraging REPAY and Quadient Accounts Receivable: Revolutionizing Accounts Receivable Automation

The collaboration between REPAY and Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay is spearheading innovation in the realm of accounts receivable automation. Nicole Benitez from REPAY and Devon Lildhar from Quadient recently came together to discuss the emergent trends in this dynamic field.

A significant portion of B2C and B2B companies still handle their accounts receivables (AR) manually, which consumes valuable resources and time. The partnership between REPAY and Quadient AR aims to integrate accounts receivable automation with payment processing to enhance our clients' success.

In this edition of Lunch Bites, Nicole and Devon highlighted the key advantages that clients can enjoy through Quadient AR and REPAY implementation:

Time and Cost Reductions

Both REPAY and Quadient AR leverage powerful technology to support long-term cash flow goals. More efficient payment processing saves money by reducing the time and resources required to complete the day-to-day tasks, boosting overall cash flow by accommodating all forms of payments.

Cash Flow Predictions Powered by AI

Quadient AR’s innovative technology, rooted in AI, delivers a 94% accuracy rate in cash flow forecasts—significantly outperforming conventional Excel spreadsheets. REPAY also prioritizes technological investment and broadens integration options to streamline payment processing and deliver comprehensive solutions. Their collaboration sets up a win-win situation.

A Comprehensive Approach

While the market offers numerous AR solutions, many of them only cover a tiny part of the AR lifecycle, neglecting the bigger picture. Quadient AR’s platform presents granular insights and analytics regarding customer payment behavior, enabling clients to make informed, data-driven decisions about their receivable strategies. By streamlining this process and making payment processing more efficient, clients could potentially save up to two business days compared to manual processes.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Beyond financial considerations, the accounts receivable industry should also value personal interactions. Quadient AR and REPAY both prioritize customer excellence. A recent study with Quadient AR's current clients demonstrated a 34% average increase in customer success scores.

REPAY and Quadient AR: An All-in-One Accounts Receivable Automation Solution

The payment industry rockets forward with the partnership of REPAY and Quadient AR. Clients can work seamlessly within the business systems they already use to automate payments and collections for a more efficient receivable management process. Quadient AR provides real-time visibility into the AR pipeline to simplify the accounts receivable collections process and improves the invoicing experience.

Integrated Payments

Payment processing through Quadient AR is made simple with the REPAY gateway. The REPAY add-on sends level 3 data points automatically for the lowest possible rates with Visa and MasterCard on all Corporate Cards (B2B) and Government Cards (B2G). REPAY also offers the following benefits for Quadient AR users: Tokenized credit card data to simplify PCI compliance, daily automatic batch reporting, multi-currency capability and 24/7 live support. There are no installation, maintenance or setup fees.

Benefits to Clients

  • Automation of customized routine emails to customers before the due date
  • A customer portal where customers can click on invoices to pay them
  • Statements can be viewed or downloaded at any time
  • If an invoice is past due a task is created for the credit team to follow up
  • Management can access Quadient AR and filter on a specific team member and set goals
  • Ability to grow without adding credit team headcount

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