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22 Things to Know About the Benefits of the REPAY Partner Program

22 Things to Know about REPAY and our Partner Program

We recently witnessed a Palindrome date. One is a lonely number, but the number two offers harmony and cooperation. 2-22-22 inspires us to focus on our abilities to perform as a team and concentrate on partnerships. It is this ‘spirit of partnership’ that motivated us to write about the benefits of our partnerships for our payments ecosystem. 

2022 is moving quickly and will shape up to be a super productive year. Here is a helpful list of 22 things you should know about REPAY and our partner program. 

REPAY’s rapid growth coincides with our partner program. The REPAY Partner Program is a network of experienced technology, referral, and strategic association partnerships that act as the trusted advisor for their clients and members. REPAY provides integrated payment processing solutions to verticals that have specific transaction processing needs, and we focus on what we do best – powering payments to empower our partners and clients. 

If you are not familiar with REPAY, these first few items in the list are exactly what you need to know about us. REPAY is much more than a FinTech company. We are built on a strong, universal framework for building partner’s and client’s success throughout the payments industry. 

1. REPAY was founded in 2006. REPAY’s executive leadership team is composed of accomplished payment and technology professionals who are subject matter experts.  

2. REPAY is focused on integrated vertical payment and technology solution advancements. Client payment preferences are changing every day as the need for anywhere, anytime contactless payments continue to rise. REPAY is committed to developing payment solutions that help businesses remain competitive. 

3. REPAY is repeatedly recognized by thought leaders and independent entities that focus on positive growth and technology advancements. REPAY invests in resources to expand features and offer partners and clients robust solutions for their payment needs. This is evident with REPAY being named one of Inc.’s First-Annual Best-Led Companies.

4. Happy employees make successful partnerships and are far more likely to contribute to the success of our clients! Read more about REPAY’s recognition from Great Place to Work® and Fortune®.

5. REPAY is a G2 High Performer and has also been recognized as a G2 Momentum Leader.  It is one thing to say “We are Awesome!” It is another story entirely when users of our solutions put it in writing. G2 helps businesses discover, buy, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. We don’t grade our own homework here! Partners and clients reviews are all vetted by G2, and help REPAY strive for better results year over year. 

6. All of us need support and we offer 24/7/365 live support. As a valued REPAY Partner, you can integrate into our payment platform and offer clients secure payment technology, enabling them to seamlessly accept and make payments through a variety of payment channels.

7. REPAY attends, participates and sponsors over 200 events annually - generating thousands of opportunities for your organization and your clients to meet us in person! 

What makes a Good Partnership GREAT? 

In partnerships, two or more companies together form a mutually beneficial relationship aiming to carry out growth and provide significant value to all parties involved. This is the inspiration in which our partner program was conceived.  

8. We are experts in integrated and complex workflows. This includes best practices for multiple core business systems, include ERPs, eCommerce, DMS, LMS, ARM, and more. Our expertise encompasses consumer finance, auto finance, account receivables management, credit unions, healthcare, mortgage, and B2B industries.

9. We are partner-centric and partner advocates. We work with multiple types of partners and with partners of all sizes throughout North America. We provide partner marketing programs that are tailored to each partner type.  Find a partnership type that fits you: technology, referral, or strategic association.

10. We work well with others! We have hundreds of integrated partners engaged in our partner program. One of our most intriguing aspects of our partner program is our complementary capabilities to offer end-to-end solutions for clients.  Browse some of our featured integrated solutions on our partner marketplace.  

11. Did you know we have Acumatica MVPs? REPAY is a certified Acumatica Partner and a Client Recommended solution. The Acumatica community is a responsible network of users and providers. The Acumatica MVP Program is a way of shining the spotlight on community members who go above and beyond in their efforts to help others find success with the acclaimed cloud ERP solution. We are proud to announce we have two team members who have been recognized by Acumatica as MVPs for 2022. Liz Anderson, our VP of Partner Marketing, is a Partner MVP and Robert Waite, Senior Acumatica Developer, is the Acumatica Developer of the Year. 

12. Did you know we are a sponsor of Bob Scott’s List of VAR Stars? REPAY partners are focused on client satisfaction, and this list of Value Added Reseller Stars showcases several of our ERP partners.

13. We are proactive in our communications to all partners with a bi-monthly newsletter, dedicated partner emails, webinars. and more. Our consistent and regular communication on marketing initiatives, events and programs keep partners not only ‘in the loop’ but well informed.  With our marketing assets, your team will never suffer from lack of content. We actively showcase and provide our partners co-branded assets. Our partner marketing team helps you zero in on tactics that get interested prospects into your pipeline to drive sales.  

14. Did you know we helped create two partner ecosystem communities:  acu-connect and STX Mortgage Exchange and are members of countless others to help our ecosystems grow?  

15. We are an extension of your team - Partner Account Managers and Partner Marketing Managers can be called upon to deliver co-marketing initiatives, sales support, and help you network in your ecosystem.

16. We offer opportunities for recurring revenue growth depending on your partnership type. Your client’s needs are being met while you earn recurring revenue to help your business grow.  

17. A hallmark of a successful partnership is mutual clients feel their business solution providers are aligned and providing new, additive value by coming together. REPAY works hand in hand with our partners to ensure everyone is kept in the loop as little or as much as they prefer!

18. REPAY offers robust partner marketing plans for the partner to sign-up for. Our Ignite and Annual marketing plans guide each partner through their respective journey with us.  Contact our Partner Marketing team to learn more.  

19. Partners leverage our engagement tools like Hopin, Kahoot, GoToWebinar, etc. to drive demand.  You do not have to invest in these unique technologies to be a part of larger online events. We can help accommodate your event management technology with our existing alliances.

20. We focus on thought leadership content from leading industry analysts. We incorporate into our program the insight of those who are constantly measuring and analyzing the FinTech ecosystem. When you partner with us, we deliver you consistent industry knowledge as well as our own experience.

21. REPAY participates, hosts, and/or sponsors approximately 60 partner focused events annually. Join us, or we join you! When it comes to virtual or in-person events, REPAY is ready to support our partners and their client communities.  Check out our upcoming partner and ecosystem events.

22. Did you know REPAY shares content materials on multiple social platforms that the partner can share?  Follow us LinkedIn, Twitter, or YouTube, and sign up for our blog to keep up to date with all the latest payments insights! 

Not Yet a Partner?  Get Engaged Today!

Our partner philosophy is simple: we are an extension of your team. And we take that responsibility very seriously. When you partner with REPAY, you partner with a team of highly committed professionals who understand payments, value relationships, and prioritize your goals.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you create a partnership with REPAY that focuses on reaching your goals while aligning with what matters most, your clients.

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