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Fighting Payables Fraud-The Case for Outsourcing Vendor Payments

Payment technology is evolving at lightning speed. New technology provides bad actors new targets for fraudulent activity.

Businesses cannot afford to become victims, no matter the fraud method used against them. The negative implications, including loss of money and damaged reputations, can destroy businesses and negatively impact employees and customers.

REPAY’s whitepaper, “Fighting Payables Fraud,” looks at several fraud types and how they impact B2B payments. We also highlight the different tools available to help businesses combat fraud.

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Give your payments - and security responsibilities - to REPAY!

We handle end-to-end payment security so you don't have to. Don’t let cost concerns, headcount or technology restrictions prevent you from protecting data.

Our vendor payment automation platform simplifies and secures the vendor payment experience for more efficient and better-protected payments.

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