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Learn more about the easiest way to process payments in your Sage ERP and better understand the common challenges and the easiest solution for processing payments in Sage.

We have gathered feedback from hundreds of customers regarding the challenges they had with payment processing before switching to REPAY. We have broken down all of this feedback and compiled a list of the most common challenges our merchants face with their payment processing before switching to REPAY, and why 96% of our customers recommend us as their preferred payments solution provider.  

6 Most Common Payment Processing Challenges

  1. Lack of integration and the resulting duplicate entries – Payments are time-consuming and error-prone when your payment processing is not fully integrated into your ERP or eCommerce ordering platform - or both.  This can cause efficiency issues and cost labor dollars for your team while also affecting the speed of your sales organization.     

  2. Confusing merchant statements and hidden fees – It can be difficult to compare payment solutions from apples to apples. This is because many merchant statements are often confusing, and it is difficult to discern what fees you are being charged.  Many payment processing solutions and merchant services providers suggest flat rates for processing credit cards. Flat rate pricing models are not always the best option, as you could be missing out on massive savings with programs like Level 3 payment processing. 

  3. Lack of centralized reporting Many processors do not provide merchants with centralized reporting. Our fully integrated and out-of-the-box solutions work seamlessly with the business systems that many companies already use and allow 24/7 access to important financial records.
  4. Level 3 rates not available – Not all payment processors provide Level 3 processing for B2B or B2G transactions. If you do not have an integrated credit card processing solution, you could miss out on massive savings simply because of an entry error or a failure to collect the data that Level 3 requires. Using an integrated payment processor makes it easy to pass the level 3 data points to ensure you are always getting the best rates. 

  5. Online customer payment portal not available – Customers like the ability to self-serve and pay their invoices online.  Many payment processors do not offer an integrated online payment portal for their clients, or if they do, they charge a fee.  By working with a processor that offers this functionality, clients can click a button and make payments in seconds via ACH or credit card while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.  

  6. Poor customer support and service – Uptime is essential for merchants, and many companies work after hours to ensure payments can be processed in real time or the next day. If your payment processing system goes down and you can’t collect credit cards during business hours, it can make or break your profitability. eCommerce and international merchants are often operating 24/7 and it’s essential for the tool you rely on to be up and running for all of the hours that you are. When you don’t have access to 24/7 live customer support, you may lose cash flow or be unable to provide your own customers with a good customer experience. 

6 Ways REPAY Addresses These Challenges

  1. Integration with hundreds of ERPs, eCommerce, POS and Mobile applications – Our solutions allow you to process payments in an omni-channel environment with virtually no human intervention. Reduce processing times and streamline operations with integrations to hundreds of leading solutions, such as: AccountMate, Acumatica, Adagio, Sage 100, Sage 300, SAP Business One, WooCommerce, QuickBooks and more. REPAY also provides seamlessly integrated solutions because not all integrated payment processing solutions are created equal. While some integrations will pull information from your POS or web solutions into your ERP, a seamlessly integrated solution will easily flow between all necessary integrations, automatically pulling and retrieving information without additional manual intervention. REPAY is proud of our seamless integrated payment solutions built to provide the best experience for our partners and merchants.

  2. Free discovery call and no hidden fees – Other processors make merchant statements confusing by design. They don’t want you to understand it because you will see all the unnecessary and hidden fees. REPAY doesn’t charge extra for PCI-DSS compliance setup, training or support. We offer a free discovery call to educate you on payment processing so that we can help you understand what you are currently paying. 

  3. Centralized reporting – We offer online centralized omni-channel reporting, so you don't have to go to multiple systems to get the information you need. 

  4. Level 3 rates for B2B & B2G transactions - REPAY offers merchants lower rates on B2B or B2G transactions by using Level 3 payment processing for Visa / Mastercard transactions with our B2B ERP and eCommerce integrations. Sadly, 80% of merchants have not heard about Level 3 processing. 

  5. Integrated online payment portal - REPAY offers a free integrated payment portal where you can email an invoice to a customer from your Sage ERP, and customers can click on the Pay Now button embedded in the invoice to pay online faster than ever. REPAY online payment portal gives clients access to all their outstanding invoices so they can pay multiple invoices simultaneously via ACH or credit card.  Watch the REPAY ClickToPay Demos.  

  6. Excellent customer support and service – We guarantee you will have a live human being whenever you call our customer support. We offer 24/7 live customer support, on of the many reasons why 96% of our merchants recommend us.   

How to get started with REPAY

REPAY provides you with merchant statements that are easy to read and transparent. You have access to more detail than most processors provide. REPAY helps you save money with Level 3 processing, and Level 3 processing helps your business with added security against fraud and lower rates for B2B transactions. REPAY acquires and passes all the required Level 2 and Level 3 data by extracting it from our ERP and eCommerce-integrated credit card processing solutions. There’s no time-consuming mapping or manual data entry required. No customer is too big or too small to save money on fees!

Let the experts at REPAY educate you on integrated payments!


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