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Plan for 2022 with Sage 300 Ecosystem Survey Results

Our latest edition of Lunch Bites features Robert Lavery & Associates, a Sage-integrated solutions distributor.  Devon Lildhar, Partner Account Manager at REPAY, and Robert Lavery, President of Robert Lavery & Associates, took a few minutes to discuss their surprising recommendations in response to the results of this year’s Sage 300 Ecosystem Survey.

Robert Lavery & Associates helps Sage 300 customers get the most out of their technology by bringing together Sage Certified add-on products for the Sage ERP series of business management solutions, and REPAY provides natively integrated payment solution for Sage 300 users that includes real-time transaction reporting and dashboards.

What Were the Sage 300 Ecosystem Survey Results?

The Sage 300 Ecosystem Survey was conducted as part of the Key Solutions Summit 2021, which is an insightful gathering of expert ISVs, partners, and customers who are focused on achieving success within the Sage 300 ecosystem. 10% of the Key Solutions Summit attendees chose to respond to the survey; 100% of respondents identified themselves as ISVs, partners, or resellers. Of those, 15% of respondents also used Sage 300 internally. 

Survey results demonstrated that lingering effects of the pandemic have impacted customer expectations for software as well as the ways that ISVs, resellers, and partners educate their customers about options for Sage 300. Many of the challenges in the video will sound familiar to your business because they are shared problems, we are all navigating right now. However, you may not expect the creative solutions that Robert Lavery suggests for overcoming these challenges.  

Here are two questions from the survey – how would you have answered? 

  • What features or functionality would you most like to see added to Sage 300?

Survey respondents indicated that they had 3 top wishes for their Sage solution: AP vendor management options, apps that support true mobility, and grid totals + drill up capabilities. 

Considering that respondents stated they had moved 55% of their business operations to remote over the past year, it makes sense that they indicated high interest in AP workflow approvals, AP payments, and mobile apps to handle these items. 

To drive mobile productivity, respondents stated that they also wanted to see more information on a single screen or see dynamic information that changes in response to screen inputs. Robert offered a range of suggestions that partners and customers can leverage to meet this need effectively. 

  • What is the greatest challenge facing your organization?

Understandably, 50% of respondents shared the issues we are all dealing with to some extent right now: modernization, mobile and web functionality, and the ability to balance our new online-driven world with current business software capabilities. 

Since Sage 300 is considered a legacy product, many end users are feeling pressured to make the leap to cloud. However, the considerable expense, slow ROI, and extreme business disruption that new ERP implementations can cause, makes cloud the wrong choice for a large number of businesses at this present time. 

To help bridge the gap between the costs and risks of cloud vs. on-premises ERP solutions, Robert and Devon discussed a variety of important steps that all Sage end users (and their partners) should plan for over the next 5 years. Here at REPAY, we have been working with the Sage ecosystem for quite some time, and we found Robert’s suggestions to be both refreshing and empowering. 

Watch this edition of Lunch Bites with Robert Lavery & Associates and see what you think about his recommendations: 


Ready to Get More from Your Sage 300 System?

REPAY is committed to assisting Sage users and partners by providing a simple-to-use, yet highly effective payment integration that helps businesses:

  • Reduce risk
  • Decrease fees  
  • Increase revenue 

Watch REPAY’s Sage 300 demo on-demand, or contact us to learn more about how you can succeed with: 

  • Tokenized credit card data that simplifies PCI compliance 
  • Online payment portal capabilities
  • Daily, automatic batch processing and reporting 
  • Level 3 Processing for US Multi-currency capabilities  
  • No installation, maintenance, or setup fees  
  • Streamlined data entry
  • 24/7 live support

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