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The Right Sage 100 B2B Payment Method Can Generate Success

Every market indicator is giving us signs that we are in for a record-breaking end of year with a big leap into the new year. For this edition of Lunch Bites, we are providing payment tips for Sage 100 to help B2B businesses increase their success. Patricia Benitez, a Partner Account Manager for REPAY  joined Kelly Bergmann of Vrakas/Blum, a partner to REPAY and a Diamond Partner to Sage, to discuss Sage 100 B2B payment tips. 

If anyone has insight into the powerful financial management tools that can lead a growing business to success, it is Vrakas/Blum. By integrating the REPAY Sage 100 credit card processing solution with Sage 100 ERP, companies can reduce complexity, streamline processing, and exceed customer expectations. Vrakas/Blum helps clients evaluate, select, and implement technology to increase their competitive advantage. They have earned the number one Sage Manufacturing Solution Provider for 15 years now. 

One of the biggest dilemmas in B2B is the conflict between meeting consumer expectations for on-demand, anytime, anywhere AND maintaining financial and operational feasibility. This is compounded by a recent Salesforce prediction that retailers will pay $12 billion more for raw materials this year than they did over the same period last year – we are all certainly eager to learn how to reduce complexity and exceed our customer’s expectations. 

While this challenge is not new, we are seeing the pressure push all of us toward change. Online shoppers demand a seamless user experience. If you’re worried that your technology isn’t ready to support the anticipations of today’s shoppers, NOW is the time to learn how B2B payment integrations can automate and enable what your shoppers need.

B2B Contactless Payments

Most shoppers have adopted the practice of digital payments and contactless checkout and are abandoning traditional checkouts. Contactless payments reduce sales abandonment rates and drive higher average transaction volumes across all consumer cohorts. There is a caveat here to be mindful of; your payment channels must work and work exceptionally well for shoppers to use them regularly. Digital payments can be contactless, via ACH/EFT, via an online payment portal, and more.

Payment solutions built natively within the platforms you already use allow information to move, transition, and flow seamlessly between the systems that run your business. When it’s easy to accept and track payments within your accounting system, you benefit from faster reconciliation. 

Here are initiatives that Vrakas/Blum sees their Sage 100 eCommerce clients investing in. 

With a Sage 100 eCommerce integration, businesses can attract new shoppers and retain the customers they already have more easily by offering them features they’ve come to expect when they are ready to make a purchase. For example, with Sage 100cloud integrated with an eCommerce solution, businesses have the ability to:

Manage order lookup and repeat orders 

Repeat shoppers are the best thing in the world! You’ve already paid the cost to acquire them, so any subsequent orders have the potential to be more profitable. Integrated payments with an eCommerce and ERP solution help make it as easy as possible for repeat B2B shoppers to look up and repeat orders again and again.

Pay one or many invoices easily 

Sage 100 eCommerce payment integrations, like the ones from REPAY,  include optional online payment portals. Your customers can see all their invoices, select one, all, or some of their invoices for payment, and pay with a credit card in just a few clicks. All this data is automatically synced to Sage 100cloud ERP via the eCommerce integration and marked as paid instead of pending, so users can avoid duplicate data entry. 

And integrating the REPAY credit card processing solution with Sage 100 will help reduce processing fees and improve the company’s cash flow. Shoppers are gravitating towards the convenience and ease of a great online shopping experience.

Watch this Lunch Bite with Vrakas/Blum to learn more.


The REPAY difference  

When it comes to payment processing, it can be difficult to find a provider that meets all your business needs. REPAY, is a one-stop-shop for all things payments! From omni-channel inbound and outbound payment processing to industry-leading security, we offer complete payment lifecycle management for anywhere, anytime payments, all from one place and customized for you.

There are hundreds of software companies maneuvering to join the payments industry revolution but currently lack the necessary payments infrastructure to keep pace with constantly changing regulations. REPAY provides visibility into the entire process, and has helped thousands of clients focus on growing their business.  

Sage 100 ERP is the backbone for many businesses. Today, more and more of customers want to accept payment via all sorts of payment channels.  REPAY can provide Sage 100 users with a simple and effective credit card processing integration that allows business to reduce risk and increase satisfaction. 

REPAY provides clients with merchant statements that are easy to read and transparent. REPAY also helps businesses save with Level 3 processing, by providing lower rates for B2B transactions.  REPAY's seamless integration passes all the required Level 3 data by extracting it from the integrated ERP and ecommerce solutions. There’s no time-consuming mapping or manual data entry required. 

Contact REPAY to learn more about our integrated payment solutions today! 

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