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Unique Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers

Unique Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers

The payment processing industry is changing rapidly. The healthcare providers who continue to do things the way they’ve always been done will be left behind. This blog post discusses three unique payment processing methods that healthcare businesses can use to overcome these obstacles.

Omnichannel payment solutions for patients

Convenience is key and healthcare facilities should do everything in their power to make the experience better for their patients. According to a recent survey,

“When asked how their provider could modernize payments (respondents could select more than one), the top answer was online patient portal (37%), followed by mobile app (32%), contactless mobile wallets (24%), pay by text (20%) and pay by scanning QR code (17%). Unsurprisingly, we did notice that preference for digital payments was related to age, with younger consumers favoring options like mobile wallets and pay by text.”

Online payments are skyrocketing and when coupled with omnichannel payment solutions for patients that provide easy ways to pay such as mobile payment options and digital wallet capabilities, the rise of patient convenience has been unstoppable.

REPAY's solution is one such tool that healthcare businesses can utilize to white label their processor and accept and manage payments completely online.

Mobile payment options and digital wallet capabilities have made payment processes more convenient for patients too. Though lower on the list of priorities, many businesses are starting to increase the number of channels they use for payments, giving them an advantage over the competition in the near future.  Healthcare providers should prepare their businesses today with the latest in payment technology to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

The top two options for mobile payments are IVR and SMS payments.  IVR payment process has the advantage of being a secure payment method that doesn’t require NFC support. SMS payments are lower-cost and more convenient for patients and can offer simple reminders that take the burden off your staff.


The payment process is evolving and changing which can be challenging for providers. Stay ahead of the curve with REPAY, a payment processing service that offers IVR payment as well as SMS payments so you don’t have to keep up!

It’s simple: sign up with REPAY today!

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